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This Big Data Training Include 100+ hands-on case studies of analysing real-time datasets using Apache Spark with Scala/Python and AWS stacks with your PC and/or on multi-node EMR cluster! Stay ahead in the market with practical examples on MongoDB, AWS Glue & Databricks Delta Lake, Join online Big Data course now and grow your carrier.

Actionable Training

You can get into a Big Data role in max 2-3 months! 60 hours of hands on sessions are more than sufficient.

Interview Questions

We discuss every possible interview questions and a lot of programming assignments while discussing a topic.

Latest Codebase

We keep on improvising our example codebase and those can be directly used in your projects in later stage

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Big data is at the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming. - Chris Lynch.


The most successful companies today are data-driven. Every company has Big Data in its future and every company will eventually be in the data business. Vast opportunities in Big Data

Online learning is the reality of this post COVID world you will get here best education on Big Data Apache Spark in affordable prices.

Learning is the only way to grow in your carrier and life,
Our platform provides you with the best courses by professionals
with more than ten years experience.

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