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About The Training Institute

This course offers you hands-on knowledge to create Data Pipelines using Apache Spark with Scala & AWS in a completely case study based approach. Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. It provides high-level APIs in Scala, Java, Python and R, and an optimised engine that supports general execution graphs. It also supports a rich set of higher-level tools including Spark SQL for SQL and structured data processing, MLlib for machine learning, GraphX for graph processing, and Spark Streaming.

our Objectives

Learn the Best

You will be able to identify the type of data (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) been given to you and choose which of the Spark data abstractions to be used there.

Best Practices

You would be able to comfortably setup Spark Development Environment in your local computer and start working on any given big data pipelines by your own.

Depth Learning

Basis the complexity of the data pipeline you are working with, you’ll be assess which techniques to be used there – Dataset or Spark SQL or RDD

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